Knox Comedy

Monday: ERIC DADOURIAN Lands in Friendlytown (Pilot Light, 7:30pm)

FT Flyer - Eric Dadourian 05272019 - jpeg final

Dank flyer by St. Thomas LeDoux

GET READY FOR THIS, KNOXVILLE! Eric Dadourian is coming. And he’s bringing David Venhuizen and Dan Gill with him. This show is going to shake the very foundations of the Pilot Light. The deets are on the flyer above, but here they are again:

Featuring Nancy-Wren Bradshaw
Hosted by some dude.
MONDAY, MAY 27 at 7:30pm
The Pilot Light (106 E. Jackson Ave)
18+ / Only $5! 

Spend your Memorial Day night with us, Knoxville. You’ll be talking about this one for years. Also, if you have any leftover hot dogs from whatever picnic you attend, bring them!

By the way, for anybody interested, I’ll post a Whiskey Bear: One Last Ride retrospective whenever I return to our regularly scheduled programming on here. But Eric Dadourian’s coming to town, so that’ll have to wait. For now, if you want some visuals, you can check out my two recent photo-dumps on Instagram (in the widget over to the right). I’m still exhausted. 

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