My first album! Download it from Bandcamp (the best site on the internet) for whatever you want to pay me (please enter something; I’m hungry). Recorded by the wizard Kirk Walterick.

A recent set from a going-away show for a couple of friends in Knoxville. I begin this clip at the end of my platitudes for them.

Set from Epic Comedy Hour (Huntsville, AL) in 2017

My May 22, 2015 set from Epic Comedy Hour in Huntsville, AL. The audience was fun.

My set as Link at the Knox Comedy Roast of Mario in 2014. Gail Grantham played Navi, Trae Crowder played Mario, and Pilot Light chief Jason Boardman makes a cameo as the wizard.

My set from the Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge, as Bob Cratchit, Christmas 2014. I’m pretty proud of this one, too. Shane Rhyne played Scrooge, Mike Dougherty hosted as Jacob Marley, and so forth.

My friend Molly did a video project about me for her class. She got an A, because DUH.

My friend Shahryar filmed me doing this joke in 2007 and posted it to the internet without telling me. Whatever, I still kind of like the novelty of it. I got the crowd into it! I was so young.

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