Modern Life is Awesome


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Welcome to your one-stop shop for all things related to Tyler Sonnichsen’s 2018 album Modern Life is Awesome. It was recorded at the Pilot Light in Knoxville, TN on June 30, 2018 and released digitally and on cassette August 28 and on vinyl on December 7th as a split release of TDC Productions (TDC-05) and RainShine Records (RS-01). Written, performed, and produced by Tyler Sonnichsen. Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Saint Thomas LeDoux.


“Whip-smart and so funny it makes me want to quit! Tyler is one of those comics that other comics love to watch and hate to go up after! You’re about to be a big fan!”Derek Sheen (Stand-Up Records)

“Sonnichsen is an immediately likeable comic with solid material that flows more smoothly than 18-year-old scotch. Modern Life is Awesome features observational and biographical material [that]… is well worth your comedy dollar.”The Serious Comedy Site


I’ve gotten, like, 3. Here they are.

  1. When will the vinyl be available?
    The vinyl is scheduled to be here in November. I’m not thrilled about the delay, but the pressing plants are plenty backed up, and the group I’ve been working with to get it manufactured has been very helpful. I’ll update this page with any…updates.
    UPDATE 12.06.18: THEY’RE HERE! THANK GOD MCJESUS THEY’RE HERE! Pick one up from my Bandcamp site or directly from me at a show and you’ll have my undying gratitude.
  2. What is your preferred way for me to buy this?
    Well, as with anything, I’d prefer you support local businesses and pick up a copy in a local shop if it’s available! I’m going to populate that list below here. But if you go online? Bandcamp. Hands down. It’s the best website on the internet, and the money you spend on this record/tape/download (thanks!) goes directly to me, immediately. The only downside is that (I think) you need PayPal. But, if you don’t have PayPal, you should get PayPal.
  3. How else can I get my hands on the album? Or at least hear it? I’m lame and don’t use physical media anymore.
    First, that’s a cruel thing to say about yourself. Second, scroll on down! It’s stream-able via a few sites and purchasable digitally through others.



The record was pressed in a limited run of 250 on marbled vinyl and is for sale via Bandcamp, in person, or at shows. I’m going to ask around for a possible distributor, but I’m not holding my breath on that one.


Done through my new friends at the Dupe Shop in Toronto! Hi-bias black cassette in a snazzy blue case. Edition of 66! Buy it through Bandcamp and get a free digital download/streaming of the album.


It’s a bunch of zeros and ones. You can put it in your Winamp or iTunes or on your iPod if it hasn’t succumbed to planned obsolescence yet. If you buy it through Bandcamp, you can download their app and stream it for free forever (until some 21st-century robber barons compromise it, at least). At least if you buy the digital copy you’ll own it proper. Here’s the best place to do that:


Where Can One Buy This Thing?

Raven Records and Rarities (LP)
Lost & Found Records (LP/Cassette)
Magnolia Records (LP)
Wild Honey Records (LP)

Grimey’s New and Preloved Music (LP)
The Groove (LP)

Goner Records (LP)

Crooked Beat Records (LP)
Smash! (LP/Cassette)

Used Kids Records (LP/Cassette)

Exile on Main Street (LP/Cassette)

Toxic Toast Records (Cassette)
Fingerprints (Cassette)

Reckless Records – Lakeview (LP)
Laurie’s Planet of Sound (Cassette)

Plaid Room Records (LP)

Luna Music (LP/Cassette)

Retro-Tique (Cassette)

Guestroom Records (LP/Cassette)

Wild Mutation Records (LP/Cassette)
Creep Records (LP/Cassette)

Hold Fast Records (LP)

Vertical House Records (LP/Cassette)