One Punk’s Guide to Standup Comedy (Razorcake #112 Out Now!)
Photographic Evidence / The Internet is Dumb

One Punk’s Guide to Standup Comedy (Razorcake #112 Out Now!)

With contributions from many funny friends, I’ve written “One Punk’s Guide to Stand-Up Comedy,” a column in the new issue (#112) of Razorcake, hot off the presses at Gorsky. Thanks to Todd and everyone at Razorcake HQ for asking/allowing me to write this. I┬ácan’t get over what a beautiful job they did with the layout. … Continue reading

Music is None of my Business / Photographic Evidence

Why I call May 4th “International Jawbreaker Day” instead of “Star Wars Day” and you should too (but whatever, don’t let me tell you how to live your life; keep doing what you do)

For the last couple of May 4ths, I’ve taken to Facebook, the mildly popular website that totally hasn’t eviscerated any significance from social activism and everything you post there matters, and posted videos by the cult pop-punk trio Jawbreaker in lieu of posting something about the Star Wars franchise. Some of my critics may call … Continue reading