Moving Sale: 30% Off ‘Modern Life is Awesome’ Vinyl!

HI! I’m back from Australia, and I’m still alive. I’m in the process of relocating to Michigan, though, so I haven’t had a chance to complete an overwhelmingly massive entry here about the gigs I did down there. They were great, and I met a lot of fantastic Aussie and Kiwi comedians. I also brought down some copies of my record, which are now for sale (unless they’ve already sold… no idea) at a few shops down under.

SPEAKING OF ‘MODERN LIFE IS AWESOME,’ I’ve got a special offer for y’all. Because moving is an expensive pain in the ass, I’m holding a sale on Modern Life is Awesome on my Bandcamp page: 30% OFF. Just enter the code “michigan” when checking out and it will apply the discount, so you can get your very own copy of the album at a fat discount. It comes with a download code, inserts, and my undying love. Thank you in advance! If you’d ever thought about picking up your own copy of my album, now is the golden moment. Offer expires in two weeks (11:59pm on August 11th).


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