On the Road

Columbus this Weekend (Thurs-Sat) for the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival

11751381_10106322893323015_1073206050_nI’m excited to announce that, for the third and final time, I’ll be heading up to Columbus to represent Knoxville at the Fourth and Final WHISKEY BEAR COMEDY FESTIVAL. I’ve gone on the record about how much fun those other two times were (2016 | 2018), and I’m sure this year will also be a riot. My friend Dustin Meadows is preparing to leave Columbus – the end of an era, truly – and this madhouse of laughs is going to be a big part of his swan song in the scene he’s built. PLUS, I’ll have two of my best Knox Comedy friends with me: Sean Simoneau and Aaron Chasteen!

Though I’ve only been making it up there once or twice a year in the latter half of this decade, Columbus remains my comedy home-away-from-home, and I love it despite it’s rampant cartoonish gentrification and hockey team that can sweep the Lightning but not even drive the Bruins to 7 games.┬áSo, if you’re around Central Ohio next weekend, or going to be in Central Ohio, pick up your tickets now. You can check out the full schedule here, but here are the shows you can find me on. They’re all doozies. Just look at these lineups.



Hoooooo boy:


Prepare yourselves for (possibly, in some respects) THE MOST DATED VIDEO (i could find) FROM THE LATE NINETIES:


Fare thee well, Whiskey Bear. As Joe Elliott once said, let’s burn the damn place down.

By the way, if you’re in Knoxville and still reading this for some reason (THANK YOU I LOVE YOU), come to Friendlytown tonight at the Pilot Light. I’ll be running my set for the Pop-Up Video Show to close out the open mic portion!


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