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July Comedy Run (starting with Saw Works tonight) and the return of Simpsons Trivia (7/25)

So, partially by my own doing, July in shaping up to be the busiest comedy month I’ve had… ever? Wow. It’s like Shane Rhyne is a comedy-coordinating wizard who also makes fantastic promotional graphics that are equally appealing for use on social media AND actual websites.     Check this out if you want to … Continue reading

Knox Comedy / Podcasting

There is a truly absurd amount of great stand-up happening in Knoxville between now and Monday

Now, I’m not the authority on comedy shows are going down in Knoxville, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t post something here to officially let you all know these were happening from my own digital mouth. Also, I’m either performing in all of these, had a major hand in producing them, or some combination … Continue reading

Knox Comedy / Podcasting

Larry Fulford coming to Sugar High this Thursday

Of this much I am certain: it’s going to be Fulftastic. Fulftacular, even. Come on out for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of Sugar Mamas’ torrid love affair with RainShine Comedy. Come on out to see both Larry Fulford¬†(Chicago via Orlando-town) and Kelly Morgan (Asheville/hilarious) make their respective RainShine Comedy debuts. Come on out to see … Continue reading

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Shows Tonight and Tomorrow in Knoxville Purple Monkey Dishwasher

It’s been inexcusably long since I’ve written anything here. I thought briefly yesterday about continuing a series I used to do on the old where I would embed some video from the MTV online video archive and write out a script for what I imagine the pitch meeting was like for that music video. … Continue reading