About Tyler

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Photo by Tonya Cinnamon. Right-click to download it; it’s hi-res!


NC Comedy and Arts Festival, 2010 (Performer)
RagnaRock! 2011, DC Arts Center (Performer, Co-Producer)
BlankFest 2014, 2015, 2016 (Performer)
Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Knoxville 2014-2016 (Performer, Co-Producer)
Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, 2014 (Performer)
Rock Bottom Festival, Columbus 2015 (Performer)
Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival, Columbus 2016 (Performer)
Saw Works First Friday Comedy Showcase (June 2015 – September 2017)

* RainShine Comedy Productions (Co-Producer, Host, January 2015 – Present)
* Friendlytown! (Co-Producer, Host, Writer)

Tyler began comedy at an early age, then began something resembling actual comedy at a slightly older age as a member of the Western-MA based TDC crew. He joined the Penguins Without Pants sketch comedy troupe in Syracuse, NY in 2001, writing, acting, and producing shows of various sizes through 2005, when he moved to Washington, DC and stumbled upon an open mic somewhere on the Orange Line. He lived and loved DC comedy for years, founding the smash hit Laughing Lizard Comedy Showcase (2006 – 2008), and then founded the Hot Broth Comedy Open Mic Thursdays at the Comedy Spot (2009 – still running somehow!!), leaving behind some sort of legacy.

Since then, he has performed stand-up in places as far and wide as Paris, Boston, London, Orlando, New Orleans, Chicago, Los Angeles, Oakland, Columbus, New Haven, and more. He’s highly enjoyable to watch, really. You don’t have to know who Night Ranger is to find him funny, but it doesn’t hurt.

He currently lives in Knoxville, TN. He has performed in the Orlando Indie Comedy Festival, Knoxville’s Scruffy City Comedy Festival, Columbus’ Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival, among others (see above). His name is pronounced like Sonic-Sun. Just remember that Tyler is much funnier than this bio is well-written.

PRESS (More coming soon, it just occurred to me to do this)

WBIR News Segment from SCCF 2014

The Maryland Gazette

Inside of Knoxville.com refers to me as “Excellent”

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