Friendlytown Radio

098: Friendlytown’s Charity Telethon!


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on July 22, 2018 as part of WOZO Fest (Fundraiser for WOZO Radio).
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It took a very special occasion to get Friendlytown out of it’s normal meeting time, and that special occasion was a fundraiser show for WOZO-FM, Community Powered Radio. Granted, the location was the same (The Pilot Light), but the night, occasion, and audience was mostly different. Our volunteers, Tyler, Beth, and Jared, took calls all…30 minutes (that was our time slot) from a variety of interesting and confused people, to help raise money. Tune in and hear us confuse the hell out a bunch of people for a great cause.

While we have your attention (jk I know nobody reads this), come on down to Friendlytown TONIGHT to see “Friendlytown Can’t Make It…Sorry…”


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