Friendlytown Radio

099: Friendlytown Launders its Telethon* Proceeds!


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on July 23, 2018. Hosted by Tyler Sonnichsen.
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*From some OTHER telethon than the one we performed at on Sunday night as part of WOZOfest 2018!

Join us in Friendlytown as we try to pick the best way to launder all the money generously donated to us by our supporters during a telethon we did recently (note: NOT the one from Sunday. Some other telethon. It happened that time you were out of town. Now stop asking questions).

How should we invest all of these profi- I mean, proceeds? What stocks in the Friendlytown Offshore Stock Hedge Operation (FO-SHO) are looking the best? Are those pork futures looking safer this time around? The last thing we’d want to have to do is call Dustin Meadows back to down to take care of another hot dog surplus this Fall…. but anyway, tell a friend about the show but not any details. Gotta keep our noses clean here in Friendlytown.

Thanks for listening! And if you enjoyed this, come on down to Friendlytown TONIGHT for Friendlytown High School, with Principal John Hurst!! Pilot Light at 7:30pm.

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