Knox Comedy

At the Hideaway in Johnson City Tonight


We see you, Tri-Cities. I’ve wanted to perform at the Hideaway since the first time I wandered in there a few years ago before (or after, my memory is fuzzy) Hunter Roberts’ fantastic Blue Moon Theater show. Tonight, I get to headline a show there with my friends Sean Simoneau and Shane Rhyne (the latter clean off his NC/ATL weekend of shows). Tara Smith, who some may remember lit up the Pilot Light last year with the FunnyGrrrlz show, will be rounding out the lineup.

Thanks to Jordan Cashen, who already won my deepest respect for bringing The Capitalist Kids to eastern TN, for putting this together, and thanks in advance to YOU for coming to hang out tonight. I’ll have Modern Life is Awesome tapes for sale, along with hearty handshakes for free.

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