Friendlytown Radio

097: Friendlytown Learns its Ancestry!


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on July 16, 2018. Hosted by Tyler Sonnichsen.
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Have YOU ever wondered where you came from? Wondered where your ancestors “kicked it” hundreds of years before you were the gleam in one of their descendants’ eye? Well, in this episode, the citizens of Friendlytown will be getting their results from all of the best off-brand genealogy tests: 22.99 and Me,, and all the others.

TUNE IN as our residents engage in these moments of personal discovery and epiphany about why they are the way they are.

If you enjoy this episode (which you probably will, because it’s great), then come out TONIGHT for “Friendlytown Symphony Auditions!” at the Pilot Light, 7:30pm, Knoxville USA. More info here.

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