Friendlytown Radio

089: Friendlytown Presents “Home Groan Pun Battle!”


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on May 21, 2018
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CHECK IT OUT IT’S THE RETURN OF FRIENDLYTOWN RADIO! Sorry for the long delay, but we had a lot of stuff to tend to over this past month, and again, we don’t make any money off of this insanely fun use of our time.

This week’s edition featured the very funny Kelly Morgan and Glenn Reed traversing the mountains from Asheville to host Friendlytown’s first-ever PUN BATTLE! We had almost 9 citizens and mayors draw their pun-swords and face off in the simultaneously best and worst competition involving pithy plays on words. Either way, it was PUNbelievable (NONE OF YOU HAD BETTER STEAL THAT GOLD RIGHT THERE).

Here are some photos from the show, below. Enjoy them, and come on own to Friendlytown tonight for “Friendlytown Goes for a Drive!” More info here.

Friendlytown: The Finest in Experimental Comedy that takes place on a Monday! We guarantee it.


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