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Only 7 Years Later, My First Album is now on iTunes

Chomping at the bit for the release of my new album Modern Life is Awesome on August 28th? Want to whet your appetite with some vintage Tyler jokes in the meantime? Of course you probably don’t, but I’ve got news either way! Head on over to the iTunes store and check out my first album Yeah, I’ve Thought This Through, which I decided to put in there seven years too late. Maybe some of the people who find MLIA in there will buy YITTT as some kind of digital impulse item.


Here’s a quick backstory on Yeah, I’ve Thought This Through, since this website didn’t exist when I released it. I recorded it at the Electric Maid in Takoma Park, MD (essentially Washington, DC) before I moved away in 2011. Kirk Walterick did the engineering, and I released it via Bandcamp and CD in September 2011. I moved to Long Beach right before releasing it, so I wasn’t really able to tour it, but plenty of people “bought” the digital version (I posted it as Pay-What-You-Want, since I didn’t feel confident enough to charge famous-person prices for my first proper release). The original title was You Gotta Fight to be #1 in Everything, but I scrapped that because the # character would be hell across digital platforms. The cover photo was taken by my friend Lauren Owens on a trip to Assateague Island, and the voice introducing me at the beginning was my friend Evan Valentine, who is now married to Lauren. The show also featured the insanely smart and funny Jake Young, Keith Irvin, and Anupama Pillalamarri.

Also, as much as I’ve outgrown a lot of the material presented on here, I’m still pretty proud of this recording. So, take that for what it’s worth.

Like any self-respecting comic with a parallel career that earns me 99.999% of my income, I take my sweet-ass time between albums. I didn’t want to record the follow-up until everything was good and ready, and trust me when I say that I’m very proud of the results in progress. From what I understand, the cassette version of MLIA should be available at the Sugar Mama’s show on the 25th, and the vinyl will be available at various local and regional record shops (to be announced here soon).


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