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SATURDAY: Drop-Up Video in Atlanta


Atlanta friends and enemies! I’m coming down tomorrow night (Saturday, July 15th) to perform on the live revival of Justin Thompson’s show Drop Up Video at the Relapse Theater. Tickets are only $5 and available at the door and for advance purchase here.

For those of you who follow Friendlytown Mondays at the Pilot Light, Justin brought this show through back in November when I was sadly down in Columbia, SC (which in itself wasn’t so sad because Cola rules but still). I missed a second opportunity to do Justin’s video show at Whiskey Bear Festival this year because I couldn’t make it up to Columbus sadly (I was graduating… again, not sad in itself but still).

Because making fun of music videos and other microcosms of regrettable culture is pretty much my wheelhouse, I’ve been in touch with Justin and he invited me down to be a part of the show now that he’s got a long-awaited live date for Drop-Up. I’m excited to introduce everyone down there to an old friend of my mom who made one of the weirdest videos MTV has ever aired. That’s all I’m letting on for now. Also, my friends Ian Aber and Joe Pettis are both presenting/dissecting videos, plus a solid lineup of other Atlanta comedy stars. This is going to rule.

Here is a video my buddy Patrick Cunningham suggested I do for this show. I told him I couldn’t in good conscience punch down or sideways by making fun of a non-MTV video (no matter how cheesy it may be, or even if the drummer couldn’t get out of work the day they filmed it; gotta respect the dream, son) but to help get anyone here in an appropriate Drop-Up Video mood, here is “Redemption” by Virginia Beach metal legends Kaivol Motak.

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