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My Ultimate Blur Set List

I’m a member of a new secret Facebook group (sort of) where we volunteer our fantasy set lists of our favorite bands. Without overthinking it, I put together my ultimate dream set list by one of my favorite bands, Blur. The rule set forth by the group’s founder is 20 song set, 5 song encore.

Prepare yourselves for some deep cuts and representative hits. I didn’t forget about “The Universal”, I omitted it; it’s a wonderful song but so melodramatic that closing their sets with it seems perfunctory at this point. Also, I love the idea that an audience member there because a friend dragged them begins the show with the misconception that Graham is a lead singer for a noise-rock band.

1. Swamp Song
2. Coffee & TV
3. Stereotypes
4. Top Man
5. Chemical World
6. Trailerpark
7. Girls & Boys
8. Parklife
9. Death of a Party
10. [buncha Moroccan guest musicians run on to do an intro] We’ve Got a File on You
11. Chinese Bombs
12. Moroccan People’s Revolutionary Bowls Club
13. On Your Own
14. On the Way to the Club
15. I’m Just a Killer for Your Love
16. 1992    [in which they blow the fuck out of their amps]
17. Song 2
18. Ong Ong
19. Country House
20. This is a Low

1. Tender
2. End of a Century
3. You’re So Great
4. Turn It Up
5. Yuko & Hiro

If you see this and also love Blur, comment with your ultimate set list. If you want to know what it’s like inside my head pretty much all of the time, watch this video:

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