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July Comedy Run (starting with Saw Works tonight) and the return of Simpsons Trivia (7/25)

So, partially by my own doing, July in shaping up to be the busiest comedy month I’ve had… ever? Wow. It’s like Shane Rhyne is a comedy-coordinating wizard who also makes fantastic promotional graphics that are equally appealing for use on social media AND actual websites.




Check this out if you want to see another nifty graphic advertising the run Shane, Aaron Chasteen and I have geared up for this weekend. Also, here’s another event I’m pretty stoked on that’s not 100% comedy but I’ll still announce it here:

7/25 – KNOXVILLE – It’s the return of SIMPSONS TRIVIA! This time I’m bringing the party to Pretentious Beer Co in the Old City. Hopefully later this summer and fall I’ll be bringing entirely unique sets of questions to Maple Hall and maybe one or two other locations.


By the way, speaking of Knoxville Simpsons Trivia (I should really start a Facebook page, because I don’t already have enough to watch over), congratulations to my good friends at Crafty Bastard (the site of the PREMIERE Simpsons Trivia event in May) for opening a brand new tasting room out in Turkey Creek, Crafty Bastard West. I can only hope their name draws the cartoonish ire of all those “Christians” out there and generates all the free publicity. At least now I have a reason to go to Turkey Creek other than Bombay Palace.

Anyway, though it’s not listed on the slick graphic above, the July comedy party starts TONIGHT at Saw Works with First Friday. We got Ian Aber and Jen O’Neill Smith driving around the mountains from Atlanta and Kelly Morgan driving over the mountains from Asheville for the show, so don’t be a fool and miss out on the good times.

SawWorks070717 copy

Thanks for the support, everyone! Unrelated, butĀ the Capitalist Kids (Austin’s finest socialist pop-punk band) have a new record out, in case you’re wondering what I’m listening to while writing this (I know that you aren’t).


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