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Comedy Fun Run, July 7-10 (Louisville, Cincinnati, Huntsville)


They said it couldn’t be done. They said it wouldn’t be done. They said it shouldn’t be done. And we agreed. So we decided to line up a brief comedy tour instead.

That’s right; Shane Rhyne, Aaron Chasteen, and I are firing up our olde Indian Motocycles (that’s how they really spell it, for some reason), putting on our wide-armed rubber globes, and taking our high-octane jokes to four states in four days this July. We’re treating the First Friday show at Saw Works in Knoxville as our kickoff event, then spending the rest of the weekend along the Ohio River (Kentucker and Ohier), heading down to Alabammer for a bonus joke session at Maggie Meyers with our good friends Patrick Cunningham and Shane Justice.

If you live in one of those other three cities or know someone who does, has 5 dollars to spare and might enjoy us, please do tell them to check us out. Louisville is at the Bard’s Town at 10pm CT on Saturday (FB event), Cincy is at Myrtle’s Punch House at 7pm ET on Sunday (I think; based on nothing), and the Huntsville show is at 8pm CT. As far as merch goes, Aaron will have “Bean Dip!” hats for sale (limited first edition!). I may have a couple of split cassettes left to sell, and Shane will be selling life advice kinda like Lucy in Peanuts.

The Huntsville show will mark a historic occasion, as it will be the first time that Shane Rhyne will share the stage with another Shane. If you live in the area, make sure to be there so you can say you witnessed the early precursor to the “Shanes of Comedy” tour with Shane Mauss and Shane Torres (note: neither Mauss nor Torres know about this yet, so if you see them be a dear and don’t mention it).

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