On the Road

A Sonic Simon Christmas, Northeastern Travels, and a Brief 2015 in Review

Merry Belated Christmas, and almost Happy New Year’s, everyone. For those who weren’t “in the know,” or “didn’t care,” Sean and I took our highly profitable Sonic-Simon franchise on the road again for a one night stand in our native city (kind of), New Haven, CT.


Have a listen to our sets with some fine intros and other ambient sounds that happened in proximity to my iPhone. I’d apologize for the distracting mumbling voices on the track, but those old people who got booted from the bar toward the beginning of Sean’s set (you may be able to hear the old man yell “fuck you!” to the bouncer if you listen closely) aren’t our problem. We have no idea who they were, but we’re grateful to have their money.

I can’t thank Cafe Nine enough for letting us do this, with special shout-outs in order for Margaret Milano for help in booking it, and of course to Beecher for his ridiculously great work as our host for the evening (see below). Thanks as well to Dan Rice for stopping through with a warm-up guest set. Both CT and the CT diaspora were both represented well that night.


We also got a chance to visit Bob D’Aprile’s Connecticut Rocks show on WNHU-FM earlier that night to chat about our paths in comedy/life and plug our show for a bit.  I’ll try to post the audio of our interview on all relevant social media outlets when I get it. We also met some cool and interesting characters in the studio, including Sean from Live Bands Touring, and a couple of white guys with dreads who were really into The Slackers (a great quality in the latter for people with a questionable quality in the former). At any rate, we were grateful for the pre-show kibbutz, and it was cool to be able to make an appearance on a station that I grew up listening to. It saved my sanity that summer 2001, delivering flowers in a CD player-less van, it did.


Elsewhere over my week in the Northeast, I got a chance to pay a visit to The Gas at the Great Scott, one of Boston’s best weekly shows. I had a great time, and it clued me in to just what I’m missing by not having chosen the life-path of staying in Boston and becoming a comic there instead of doing this incredibly DC-Long Beach – Knoxville thing that’s gotten me here. Yeah, the holidays were pretty introspective this year. No idea why. It may have had something to do with the constant rain and 65-degree temperatures. It’s funny how many Christmas Carols feature snow, chilly temperatures, and ice because they were written before the anthropocene began and starting melting the world. Does anybody want to re-record Bing Crosby’s “White Christmas” with the lyrics, “I’m dreaming of a White Christmas, anywhere south of fucking Yellowknife in the next twenty years”? No? Of course not, because that would be a tremendous waste of time.

One thing I am strangely happy with is that, unlike this time last year, I’m not gearing up for a mini-tour in Alabama with a NYE show bookending it back here. I have a couple things in the works, but not anytime this week. A week or so off to recharge and spend quality time with those who I care about. Hopefully the temperatures fall below 70 soon and it’ll feel like the Holidays again.

Here’s the rundown on my year in comedy, 2015. The (very fluid and somewhat inaccurate) numbers:

Open Mic Sets: 61
Showcase Sets (headlining/featuring/hosting booked shows): 50
QED Comedy Laboratory Sets: 39.5 (that .5 was a video I submitted from Paris for the “1% Solution” show)
Miscellaneous: 3 MST3K-style live-riffs on movies and 1 set at a Hold the Rich for Ransom show.

So, that puts me “on stage” in some form about 154 times this year. I performed in at least 16 different cities and had great experiences in basically all of them. I also had a key hand along with good friends in starting two monthly shows that have brought some of my favorite comics and friends to the scruffy city (h/t to Saw Works Brewing Company and The Casual Pint – Hardin Valley). I also performed in two growing festivals and met some real sweethearts in the process. Oh, and I got to feature for Jake Johannsen and see him call back to one of my jokes, which was rad.

All of this I somehow managed to keep up while pointedly not failing out of school. Thank you if you made any of this possible. I’ll try to be funnier in 2016.

In case I don’t talk to you before then, have a Happy and Healthy New Year.


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