Knox Comedy

Knox-Shows for Later This Summer!

Knoxville: Time for a “MARK YOUR CALENDARS” post, with a brief announcement at the end that shouldn’t be too shocking. This has gradually turned into comedy-rock’n’roll-party-summer. Here are some shows I’m organizing at The Pilot Light (all 9pm, all with local support, more details on individual events coming soon).

WEDS 7/30 – Dustin Meadows at the Pilot Light; a few outstanding comics will be on tour from Columbus.

SAT 8/2 – One of my favorite bands, Rational Anthem, pay our fine city a visit on their summer tour. Rational Anthem at the Pilot Light

WEDS 8/13 – Mike Finazzo at the Pilot Light, great comic from Baltimore on tour.

It should go without saying that I can’t encourage you enough to come and check these shows out if you’re around, and bring your friends, too. I would never book a comic or band I didn’t get behind 100% and think my friends would enjoy, too, especially since I’m obviously not doing this for money.

That being said, after these shows, I need to take time off booking/producing touring shows for the fall semester. There may be occasional exceptions to help friends in last-minute need (as well asScruffy City Comedy Festival), but I need to focus on lecturing and research responsibilities. Thanks for the support, everyone!

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