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Shows in Columbus this Week!

Hey! I know this is fairly last-minute, but I’ve decided to swing up to Ohio and do a few Ragnarock3.0-warmup shows during this completely insane week for comedy going on in one of my favorite cities in the universe, Columbus. A couple of them will be with my Knox-buddy Matt Ward, who is hosting the Gazebo Stage at COMFEST on Friday. If you haven’t experienced COMFEST, do. Especially because this guy may/will be around.


    7:30PM – The Columbus Funnybone (out in Easton Town Centre/Center) – $5
    10PM – The Surly Girl Mic to drink and hang and eat some variation on macaroni.
    9PM – Zeno’s Mic Feature Spot (w/ Tom Plute and many others)
    8PM – Strange Loop Records Showcase (awesome shop in Grandview; w/ Dustin Meadows, Dan Loper, more)

Follow me on Twitter @tylersonic for updates and other such spontaneous stage-hopping. I’m comin for you, Columbus! You’re the sweetest city.


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