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One Punk’s Guide to Standup Comedy (Razorcake #112 Out Now!)


With contributions from many funny friends, I’ve written “One Punk’s Guide to Stand-Up Comedy,” a column in the new issue (#112) of Razorcake, hot off the presses at Gorsky. Thanks to Todd and everyone at Razorcake HQ for asking/allowing me to write this. I can’t get over what a beautiful job they did with the layout.


Pick up your copy from me, your local indie record shop/bookstore, or check out their website. If you subscribe, make sure to specify that you want to start with Issue #112.

Also, read Kevin Dunn’s interview about the 70’s Northern Ireland punk scene as well as Daryl Gussin’s great discussion about why bringing the Olympics to Los Angeles is a genuinely awful idea! Something for everybody in this thing.



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