Knox Comedy

The Living List of Things That Will Always Be Funnier than Any Open Mic Comic

Compiled in 2019.

Evergreen, so I decided to hit “Publish.”

  • That “HOW DARE YOU” Hippo Lady from ‘Rocko’s Modern Life’
  • The guitarist who replaces Dewey in his former band in School of Rock
  • That first Dictators album, “Go Girl Crazy”
  • Whenever Peggy angrily impersonates Hank on “King of the Hill”
  • Watching my cat figure out what to do about this bug
  • Brian McCann as “fun hole” guy from Late Night w/ Conan in the early 00’s
  • That time Conan O’Brien played 1864 baseball on Long Island
  • The football coach in Not Another Teen Movie
  • That guy who narrated his shit by counting down in the bathroom of the Times Square Virgin Megastore in 1998
  • That time on “welcome freshman” when Billy Cushman farted the Hawthorne High football team to victory
  • Breatheairians
  • This completely serious mailer I got about saving the youth of America from vaping 0911190202_hdr
  • That face Emil Sitka makes as he shifts the car into gear and drives away after the hood lands on his head in that Three Stooges short
  • The Norbert the Giraffe Incident at the Makers Summit in Chattanooga, 2019 (cf. Sean Simoneau)
  • The Australian Emu War (1932)
  • Any time Richard Simmons and David Letterman are in the same room.
  • The pig who yelled “I’m a wild pig!” on Rocko’s Modern Life.

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