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JAWS: A Collaborative Remake (2021) this Friday

Friday night at 8pm ET will mark the world premiere of “JAWS: A Collaborative Remake” on Kast (Stream Link Here). In order to watch, all you have to do is register for a free account on the site.

The project is the long-in-the-works brainchild of Whiskey Bear Comedy chief Dustin Meadows. It was inspired by ‘Our Robocop Remake,’ which I imagine many of you have seen. My girlfriend Lisa and I produced one scene (with some help from her little niece and nephew) as the FBI Lite Opera Society (a moniker we’ll keep for our collaborations until Matt Groening sends us a cease-and-desist). The cast of re-creators here (see the above preview) is staggering.

Anyway, I miss you all (if I know you) and wish you the best (regardless) for checking in. Join me (synchronously) tomorrow night at 8pm to watch this madness unfold! Here’s the official trailer to further chum the waters.

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