On the Road

Tejas Bound (Austin Saturday, Houston Sunday)


Surprise! In honor of me finally finishing the entire series of King of the Hill, I’m going to Texas this weekend. Well, mostly to tell jokes to heavily tattoo’d Austinites, but also because I have a lot of opinions to share about King of the Hill. I have to say that Dooley may have had the highest making-Tyler-laugh batting average, and I think Kahn had some of the best character development of anyone on the show. I didn’t think the meat-grilling finale was all that good, to be honest, though Dale yelling “this is a TERRIBLE place for the competition” when he boards the run-aground bus may be among my favorite Gribble moments ever (outside of the entirety of Season 5, Ep. 14, which is my favorite Dale episode and easily in my top 5 overall).

What? Oh, the comedy? I don’t know too many people in these cities, but I’m so excited to see a bunch of old friends and meet a whole bunch of new ones, probably drink Lone Star and eat street tacos. But if YOU are in Austin or Houston or know anybody in Austin or Houston, tell them to come say hi and buy a copy of my record or honestly just say hi!



Hoooo boy. I don’t know if I’m ready for what this weekend’s gonna do to me. At any rate, I’ll be hosting the 9:15pm show on Saturday night, with headliners Whitney Chitwood and Kristen Becker! PASSES (WHATEVER’S LEFT) AND MORE INFO HERE.



My pal Larry Fulford and I are heading over to H-Town on Sunday to perform in a great showcase at The Secret Group. If you or anyone you know are in Houston, come join us! It’s gonna be great. $8 gets you admission and a free pint glass! EVENT PAGE


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