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095: Friendlytown Recounts Its War of Independence (1979-1981)


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on July 2, 2018. Hosted by Sean Simoneau.
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If you’ve read your Friendlytown history books, you know that our town was once an unincorporated territory split by QEDopolis and Bonhomieburg until July 2, 1981. Our Independence Day always gets overshadowed by the U.S. one on the 4th, but not this year. This year, we’re getting our best storytellers to hype up the people, places and events in our contentious, surprisingly bloody fight for autonomy. Our Mayors in the Friendlytown Historical Society will re-enact pivotal moments during the war, regale us with tales of the many battles, and impersonate some of the great Friendlytown war heroes.

Thanks for listening! And if you enjoyed this, come on down to Friendlytown TONIGHT (9.17) for ‘Friendlytown Will Release the Hostages Under the Following Conditions…” – Pilot Light at 7:30pm.

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