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Upcoming DJ Nights this Month

41603520_10104830049793346_6826364927989514240_nIn addition to being a stand-up comic who speaks insufferably about music onstage, I also love to get out and insufferably spin music as well. I’ve had a burning desire to continue my routine DJ nights I had for those two years in Long Beach, but Knoxville doesn’t exactly have bars like The Pike (i.e. places with built-in audiences almost every night of the week who won’t leave in a huff if they hear a power chord or any distortion through the speakers). At least not until now! A pair of wonderful local drinking institutions have allowed me to come through with a stack of wax for their patrons’ listening pleasure. One’s a solo gig and the other’s a collab. Here are the details:

Saturday, September 15th, 11pm at Bearden Brickyard (Homberg Dr)

An evening of pop-punk, power-pop, and other music to get your heart pumping. The Knoxville premiere! I’ve already pulled a bunch of records for this one, and it’s gonna be a doozy. No cover! I start playing around 11pm after the guest musician wraps up and I’ll keep the lovesick jams going through last call. Come on by and request some P.S. Eliot.

Friday, September 28th, 8pm at Last Days of Autumn (Magnolia)


An evening of dream pop, shoegaze, and indie to get your pen flowing. The third edition and second time at Last Days of Autumn on the patio! Nathan McKinney and I will be bringing along our finest selections once again. No cover! We start playing around 8pm and we’ll keep the slay tracks going until 11 or so. Come on by and request some Wild Nothing (from Nathan, specifically; I don’t own any of their shit).

Both of these all-vinyl evenings of music listenin’ and beer drinkin’ are “brought to you” by TDC Productions and you can’t prove they aren’t.




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