Friendlytown Radio

094: Friendlytown Couple’s Skate!


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on June 25, 2018. Hosted by DJ B-Real aka Liz Brooks.
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1999416a570e89979edfe00085b8a96eAh, youth! Unfathomable in this day and age! Alas, youth continues to happen and these youths need a place to go to flourish. That’s why we opened up the Friendlytown Skate n’ Dash, where the fine young people of our fair town can go skate and have a good time and be complimentary to one another in a variety of manners. It’s Couples Skate night and we want all of these couples to showcase their best qualities as the onlookers look on! Will they get along? Will they do the opposite of getting along? Will they do the Bart Man in the middle of the skate floor and inspire others to do the same? Only one way to find out!

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