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Second Bell Festival on Saturday!

I’ll be performing (2WICE) in the first annual Second Bell Music Festival on Saturday! You can see Friendlytown at 5:45 pm at the Nothing Too Fancy Stage (inside of Everything Mushrooms at 1004 Sevier Ave), and then I’ll be performing in the stand-up showcase that begins at 6:45. The music schedule (which I hope to check out some of) is posted over at the Festival’s website. Full-day passes are only $30, and tickets just to check out the Fringe Show on the NTF Stage are only $5.


Some of you may remember Blank Fest, which was a one-night (I think it was one) that happened over move-back-in weekend for UTK in Market Square. This year, the rechristened Second Bell Festival is happening down at Suttree Landing in South Knoxville. Zach Fallon, the festival’s Fringe Stage Coordinator, invited me to co-host a Facebook Live video on Monday to announce the performing order. I didn’t divulge a whole lot about the madness that Friendlytown will be unleashing, but our good friend Sargent S. Laughter will be involved.

Also, in case you didn’t feel like sitting through all 33 minutes of that, the stand-up order will be:

  1. Shane Rhyne
  2. Liz Brooks
  3. Aaron Chasteen
  4. Boston McCown
  5. Tyler Sonnichsen
  6. Beth Tompkins
  7. Jon Upton
  8. Clinton Ricks
  9. Jeff Blank

I’m extremely humbled to be asked to perform as part of this festival (in both incarnations) for my fourth straight year. It’s been a blast all three times so far, and I’m looking forward to the new challenge and new venue in South Knoxville. Come to think of it, I can’t remember if I’ve ever actually performed in SoKno (as the city is forcing us to call it). I never made it to the short-lived mic at Moody’s, and… yeah, I’m just gonna hit “publish” fairly certain I’ve never performed on the other side of the Tennessee assuming that’s accurate.

Hope you can come out on Saturday, Knoxville.

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