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Hey, I’m Recording an Album on June 30th


Photo by Brittany Sonnichsen Adamous


It’s been 7 years, plenty of tours and weekend runs, a bunch of festival appearances, and enough life-transitions that I decided it was high time to give Yeah, I’ve Thought This Through the sophomore slump of a follow-up it deserves.

I would love it if you (yes, you, if you live anywhere near Knoxville or may be in the area on June 30th) came out and joined in the party at the Pilot Light. Tickets will be $10 (with serious perks, see below) and go on sale this Monday 5/14 at 9AM at this link here.

Here are some rudimentary details:

  • This will be happening at the Pilot Light (106 E. Jackson Ave) in Knoxville. This is probably the least surprising part of the whole thing, since I’ve been doing comedy there for nearly five years, including Friendlytown, QED, and many wonderful showcases. Thanks to Jason Boardman for letting me bogart the place for the night of 6/30.
  • There will be two shows – one at 7:30 and one at 9:30. If both shows sell out, we may add a “secret” 11:30 show that may devolve into a gigantic mess of the best kind. We may include that (along with other bonus unreleased audio shrapnel we can scrape together) as a bonus track on the audio download!
  • Both shows will feature Shane Rhyne and Sean Simoneau. Those of you who know Shane and/or Sean know that both are worth the price of admission alone. We may even get a cameo from our boy Baryl and you never know who else.
  • All advance tickets will come with a free download of the album (itself a $10 value) and, depending on the price level, other perks. For $10, you get admission for one plus a free download of the album. For $17, you get admission, a free download, and a cassette tape of the album! For $27, you get admission, a free download, and a vinyl LP of the album! If there are tickets available the night-of, it will be $10 cash at the door (The Pilot Light is cash-only and 18+. ID required). Please understand that this will likely 100% go toward covering my expenses for this endeavor, especially since I am planning to go full DIY with this. That being said, if you have a label that may be interested in helping me with pressing the LP, I would love to talk to you. tywilliamson [at] gmail. 
  • I would absolutely like to go on your podcast/radio show/blog to promote this show and album! If you have one of those things in Knoxville, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. tywilliamson [at] gmail. Thanks in advance for your help and support.

If I still have your attention, I’ll be working through a bunch of material that may or may not wind up on this record over the next couple months in and out of town:

MONDAY, MAY 14th – The Pilot Light (7:30pm)
Now THAT’S What I Call Friendlytown 87!
It’s Josh Lampley and Alyssa Miller’s going-away party of sorts. They’ve decided to host a ‘greatest hits’ type show of Knoxville comedy, including 16 Friendlytown regulars doing their best 5-minutes to record for posterity and festival submissions.

The Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival (Columbus, OH)
I’ll post a separate thing about this early next week, talking about what shows I’m doing up there, but spoiler the whole thing is going to fucking rule. If you live in Cbus, you’re probably already planning to go and if you’re anywhere near Cbus, you should seriously consider it.

FRIDAY, JUNE 8th- Huntsville, AL
Homegrown Comedy at Straight to Ale Brewing
Shane Rhyne and I are heading back down to that comedy oasis in Northeastern Alabammer for a great time with Brandon Ijames and more TBA. 8pm, $5.

SUNDAY, JUNE 10th – The Pilot Light (7:30pm)
Type O Comedy Presents: The Roast of Charlie Brown
I’m playing John Arbuckle. That’s all you get for now.

SATURDAY, JUNE 16th – Tennessee Brewsky’s (New Tazewell, TN)
I’ll be celebrating Bloomsday featuring for Jerry Harvey (Chattanooga). More info when I get it.

MONDAY, JUNE 18th – The Pilot Light (7:30pm)
Friendlytown Presents: Laura Sanders & Kate Mason (from NOLA), featuring Todd Lewis. $5 Comedy night returns to Friendlytown! You don’t want to miss this because Laura and Kate are the actual best. I’ll probably be hosting.

SATURDAY, JUNE 30th – The Pilot Light (7:30pm & 9:30pm)
I gather a bunch of people I love into a bar that I love, tell jokes, and make a document of it. Modern life is awesome.

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