Friendlytown Radio

082: Friendlytown Canonizes a Patron Saint!


Recorded Live at the Pilot Light on April 2, 2018
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When arguments over who makes the tastiest potato salad or which NASCAR driver promotes the best beer get to be too much, it can only mean it’s time to seek guidance and patience from a higher being…

FRIENDLYTOWN NEEDS A PATRON SAINT! Someone to look to when we require comfort and clarity in spite of hearing Uncle Terrence tell us for the fiftieth time how he won that wing-eating contest in Ann Arbor almost 15 years ago now (those poor butterflies). But who, or what, would best soothe (or exacerbate) the struggles and strife of Friendlytown living?

Hosted by the Pastor of the Friendlytown Non-Denominational Churthedralgogsque (Chur-thee-drul-gogsk), Beth Tomkins.


Say hello to our patron Saint, Saint Thomas. 





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