Knox Comedy / Music is None of my Business

DJ Night at Maple Hall Tomorrow and Performing at Hexagon on Friday

Hey, you look like someone who’s looking for great, free stuff to do in Knoxville anytime over the next three nights. Well, how convenient for you that this is all happening, among other cool things I won’t mention at risk of diverting your fragile attention.

TONIGHT (WEDNESDAY) I’m gonna be at Scruffy City Hall for the Open Door Comedy Night mic. They do this every Wednesday, and so should you.



I’m kicking off SHAKE YOUR HALO DOWN: AN EVENING OF INDIE, EMO, AND SHOEGAZE brought to you by two guys who look exactly like they would do that (myself and Nathan McKinney). The tunes will start spinning around 8pm upstairs at Maple Hall in their fantastic parlor and will be going for a few hours! So come by, hang out, and grab a drink from my buddy Zac at the bar (as a bonus you may get to see him cry when I dedicate that Christie Front Drive song to him). More info here.



You all packed the Pilot Light last Friday for First Friday, now how about you all come pouring back out for Second Friday at Hexagon brewing!? It’s a great newer spot on Dutch Valley road with some fantastic beer run by nice people. This will be the second comedy show run in the space, and Louisville slugger (but with jokes) Dan Alten will be our headliner. Rounding out the bill are myself, Shane Rhyne, Aaron Chasteen (THAT’S RIGHT THE TERRIBLE TRIO ARE BACK IN EFFECT FOR ONE NIGHT), Josh Lampley, and Chase Dyer. Jeff Danger will be taking a break from spells and incantations to host the show. Thanks to Jeff and Jamie J. for putting this event together.

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