Knox Comedy

Friendlytown’s Public Access Film Festival – MONDAY NIGHT

FTPublicAccessHey, Knoxville. Join us in Friendlytown this Monday night as we premiere samples of the hottest new shows on our Local Public Access network, Friendlytown Access Public Television (FAPTV). We will also be making BIG announcements about the future of Friendlytown Public Access.

We also look forward to welcoming special guest-host Jägermeister Templehoff from Pittsburgh, where he stars in his very own local-access show “Yeah, You Like This.” Read more about Jager-T in the latest issue of the Friendlytown Zine, available at the show for $4 or via mail-order anywhere in the US for $5. Also (completely unrelated), Pittsburgh stand-up comic Alex Stypula will be making a special appearance during the open mic portion at 7:30pm. There is no cover, but we will be encouraging $5 donations for the touring comic. Also, you can buy his new album ‘Dolphins are Garbage.’

Also, if the Hurricane’s predicted path doesn’t wash out any roads on Tuesday, Alex and I will be heading up to Kingsport for our friend Hunter Roberts’ trivia-comedy (trivedy?) show WEALTH OF KNOWLEDGE MAAAAAAN! More info at the event page here.

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