The Internet is Dumb

NEW ZINE: ‘Here, You Throw This Away: A Zine About Flyering’


36 pages, printed on Risograph at Striped Light, on fancy linen paper! Stories and advice from 15 years (give or take) of making, posting, and distributing flyers for whatever reason possessed me.

I’ll have a couple of these on me in case you see me and want one (I’ll cut you a deal if you can tell me where the title comes from, without peeking on the internet). I will also be appearing at Sugar Mama’s (135 S. Gay Street) featuring on Alex Stokes‘ book release show TOMORROW NIGHT (Friday) at 8PM, and will have a few of these on hand, along with Friendlytown Issue 3.

If you don’t live in Knoxville and want one, you can Paypal me $6 [tywilliamson at gmail dot com] to cover mailing and I’ll throw in some surprise stuff for you! If you have distro or know a place that might be interesting in reviewing it, send me an email, too. Thanks!


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