The Internet is Dumb

Unfunny, Shitty Stolen Memes (Part I)

I’d never say I hate memes or viral videos, since that would be like saying I don’t like overarching concepts like music or sports. They exist for a reason and they’re not going away. But most of the time, they suck and have no reason to exist.

That being said, very few things boil my fucking blood like non-attribution. We’ve successfully raised a generation that don’t understand why citing sources is a global practice. Rather than hurting people’s feewings and commenting on their posts with the original source material (which is, almost 100% of the time, funnier than the meme extracted from it), I just thought I would post it here. I’ll do this whenever I find a meme or viral video that fits this description. It’s the least I can do.

Here is a shitty, unfunny meme that someone made.


They felt that it was pertinent to poke fun at Facebook’s “flower”/thankful reaction, which is fine in and of itself. The joke here appears to be that “flower” reacts are meaningless and unhelpful, clearly not as problem-solving or assuaging as the crying emoji or reassuring as the “like” button that has created an entire new class of mental problems which will produce a slew of academic psych studies sometime within the next decade. I guess social media needs to keep the snark-faucet running in the hours between when there’s actual stuff to complain about, like a government trying to take rights away. Silly.

Anyway, this is the much funnier original source material from which they stole it:


The Perry Bible Fellowship, drawn by an old friend of mine from college, is one of the most ingenious comics that not enough of you are reading. Take an afternoon and go through every one, and stop sharing unfunny memes that steal from funny source material.

Thank you.

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