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The National Grammar Rodeo Tour hits Knoxville 2WICE! 9.22 & 10.5

Look, Knoxville, I’m only going to tell you this once. And probably a few more times leading up to the second show, and maybe once or twice more this afternoon because social media’s algorithms have disintegrated into pure garbage that buries actual events in your town that multiple parties have worked hard on and holds them hostage while Joey McFakeComedian gets 1593 likes and 395 shares for posting a picture of Nicki Minaj furrowing her eyebrows with Impact font saying some dumb shit everyone with half a brain already knows. It’s bullshit like that keeps me from feeling any temptation to join Instagram. If you want to give whatever post or tweet you saw this on a boost, that’d be cool.





Of course you do! Dustin Meadows and Mike Kolar are hilarious and always a big hit when they stop in Knoxville while on tour. Well, within the next couple of weeks, you’ve got TWO chances to see them, and seeing as how they’re going to be doing two different things completely, you should consider coming to both.

The first of these two opportunities to see them, and a chance to see their internationally renowned stand-up comedy, is happening tonight! (WHAAAAAAAAAAAT!) Come to Sugar Mama’s good-time fooddrinkery tonight at 7pm for Bingo and the comedy show starts at 8:30. I’ll be hosting, and local legend Jay Kendrick will be featuring for the duo. Here is the Facebook event for more info.

If tonight doesn’t work for you and you want to see Dustin, Mike, myself, and a gaggle of others do something wonderful and “different” (not that the stand-up show won’t be great), come to The Pilot Light on Wednesday October 5th for a local, rare performance of the Pop Culture Mixtape! Friendlytown will be presenting this show on a special non-Monday for them, and it’s only $5 at the door! Come see a series of great and thought-provoking presentations on a special category of pop culture.

So, there you have it. The tandem of The National Grammar Rodeo tour love our city so much that they’re stopping through TWICE and bringing two different evenings of high-quality entertainment. Tell your friends and don’t be afraid to come alone if your friends are lame and bail on you! We understand how often it happens and will definitely make you feel welcome at any rate, if Sugar Mama’s and Pilot Light don’t already do that.

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