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WGTB Playlist from 10 Years Ago

TDC-LOGO-3I’ve been working on updating the archive of my podcasts and other radio projects at the TDC Productions online archive. I happened to be copying over these lists today, and it hit me that ten years ago tonight, I was on the air on WGTB in Georgetown with Chris Barylick. Chris now lives and does comedy in the Bay Area; we chatted a bit when I was there a few months ago but we didn’t get the chance to meet up.

Anyway, here is that episode’s playlist. I would still go to the mat over pretty much any of these songs. It was Episode 5 of Season One of The Big Takeover Radio Show. I had no affiliation with Jack Rabid’s magazine of the same name or the Bad Brains, other than that I thought they were a cool thing to name a ‘DC’ show after. I’ve grown up a bit since then. I’m sure this audio still exists somewhere, in analog form if nothing else.

Episode 5
July 4, 2006
Guest DC Comedian Chris Barylick

1. sly and the family stone – hot fun in the summertime
2. replacements – color me impressed
3. soul coughing – super bon bon
4. blur – look inside america
5. screeching weasel – dummy up
6. NaS (feat. kelis) – american way
7. burning airlines – wheaton calling
8. spoon – i turn my camera on
9. french kicks – wrong side
10. cocteau twins – ivo (bbc session)
11. minutemen- shit from an old notebook
12. minutemen- maybe partying will help
13. minutemen- corona
14. minutemen- my heart and the real world
15. guided by voices – the best of jill hives
16. dr. octagon – 3000
17. oasis – some might say
18. stellastarr* – jenny
19. steve earle – jerusalem
20. the walkmen – the rat
21. zombies – this will be our year
22. dismemberment plan – gyroscope
23. belle & sebastian – loneliness of a middle distance runner

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