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Appearance on “Advice with Dave & Kat”

11816816_434109583457986_274305014513264219_nIn the latest in my quest to appear on every podcast (it’s going pretty well; I’m at about 10 I think, and there are, like, 15 podcasts, right?) my friend Katherine Jessup invited me to join her and co-host/co-producer David Coulter for some good old-fashioned Advice.

For those not in the know, “Advice” is a successful podcast that Dave and Kat have run for a couple of years now. In addition to being funny and consistent, it’s short, sincere, to-the-point; three things that more podcasts should be but (for whatever reason) deliberately aren’t.

Subscribe on the iTunes and check it out on their Facebook page.



I wore my glasses to fit in. Their cartoon drawing lied to me.

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