Knox Comedy

Where to See Me at Scruffy City Comedy Festival #SCCF2015

Where can you find me at the 2nd Annual Scruffy City Comedy festival this weekend? Never thought you’d ask. You’ll find me all over the place, really, but I’m performing on the following three shows plus a couple extraneous events. Also, I’ve got extremely limited time to write this out, so excuse the crudity of this model. All venues are in Market Square, arguably.

11pm Uncorked Stage (Oodles)
with Jay Kendrick, Lauren Bencaz, Mo Arora, and more!

10am Gathering at the Pilot Light to eat cereal and watch “Cannonball Run” with Burt Reynolds in attendance in spirit as well as our hopes and dreams. Then we’ll be having a “How Have You Not Seen This?” live recording!

7pm The Speakeasy (2nd Floor of Preservation Pub)
with Dustin Meadows, Brock Wilbur, Jeff Blank, Carmen Morales, and more!

7pm The Speakeasy (2nd Floor of Preservation Pub)
with Dustin Meadows (again!), Jeff Blank (again!), Matt Chadourne, Travis Irvine, and hosted by Shane Rhyne.

I’ll try to keep twitter updated with anything that changes. For now, if you haven’t yet, GET YOUR TICKETS.

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