Music is None of my Business

Mommy, What’s a Gagortion?

Sometime in 2006, before my buddy Wes left DC to return to St. Louis, we made it a point to hang out at his place in Gaithersburg, MD and catch up. Wes was a very talented singer/songwriter and we worked together at a books-on-tape place. I had also just directed a music video for his song “If Only You Knew.” We started to fool around with his home recording studio (fairly state-of-the-art at the time). What we got was these two songs. We decided to call our project “Gagortion,” inspired by one of our favorite ‘Mr. Show’ sketches, and we created album artwork inspired by one of our favorite Mitch Hedberg jokes with an EP title inspired by one of our favorite Dave Attell jokes. Derivative? Absolutely. Stupid? Very much so. Fun? Extremely.

Gagortion performed one “gig,” at an open mic that December in Rockville, MD. We performed a cover of Devastatin’ Dave’s “Zip Zap Rap,” just to say that we did it. That’s all. We attempted a recording session that we aborted halfway through, and I’d be amazed if those latter recordings still existed in any form.

Last week, I found a master CD that Wes made with all of our “You Should Have Hung Out, Man” recordings and artwork on it. The logical course of action was to put it on Bandcamp. I’ll hopefully have some new recordings up there soon, too, but for now, settle for these nuggets from the archives. I hope you enjoy this, on some level.

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