On the Road

The SONIC-SIMON COMEDY WEEKENDER (coming March 18 – 24)


For those of you who haven’t met Sean Simoneau or seen him perform, you’re missing out. Since he moved to Knoxville last year for the same reason I did (throwing time/money in some proportion at a large, prestigious institution in exchange for a degree of some sort), he has been a major pillar in the local scene, and also one of the most consistently entertaining QED Performers.

Cutting to the chase, Sean asked if I was interested in heading to Savannah with him for a couple days to do (a) show(s) and hang out over our spring break (as functional adults are wont to do), and the monster grew from there when I realized we could probably add an extra show on the way around. That extra show turned into several, including stops in Tallahassee, Gainesville Rock City, Savannah, Greenville (SC), and then a couple bonus home-turf shows in Knoxville and Kingsport. Here’s the run-down. We’re getting together tomorrow to make some high-class, low-cost merch for your consumption and our gas money needs. All shows are at 9pm unless otherwise specified on the event pages.

  • Wednesday 3/18 –  TALLAHASSEE, FL – at Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack
  • Thursday 3/19 – GAINESVILLE, FL – at the High Dive  w/ Joe Chlapowski, Marie George, and more. (Event Page)
  • Friday 3/20 – SAVANNAH, GA – at The Wormhole w/ Joe Pettis and more! (Event Page)
  • Saturday 3/21 – GREENVILLE, SC – Tealoha w/ Craig Holcombe and more.
  • Sunday 3/22 – KNOXVILLE, TN – Preservation Pub, which we would have done anyway, but Boston is letting us “co-headline” because he’s a chum. (Event Page)
  • Monday 3/23 – QED, Comedy Laboratory at Pilot Light (Knox). Not officially part of our tour, but you should go see this every week anyway.
  • Tuesday 3/24 – KINGSPORT, TN – Sleepy Owl Brewing w/ Hunter Roberts, Alex Stokes

Looking forward to seeing all you lovely Southeastern people again soon!

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