On the Road

Lexington, KY

Shortly after I graduated from college in 2005, my friend Adam and I decided, as a lark, to switch our “Locations” on Facebook to Lexington, KY. He found a drive-through liquor store for both of us to claim on our profiles that we worked at. I didn’t believe that drive-thru liquor stores actually existed. Either way, the number of our friends on Facebook who actually believed it was disconcerting.

Last night, I drove up to Lexington with Jay Kendrick and Sean Simoneau to perform at the Twisted Cork. When we got there, we realized it was a bar, and a liquor store, with a drive-thru window. We got paid, so technically, I can say that for one night of my life (so far), I have worked in a drive-thru liquor store in Lexington, Kentucky.

Life can be pretty funny sometimes.

Thanks so much to Kyle Fields, Jay, Sean, and the Cinci/local comics with whom we met and performed.

While/if I have your attention and you’ll be in Knoxville tomorrow (Saturday) night, do NOT miss out on the Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge. I’ll be playing Bob Cratchit, if quite convenient. Pilot Light / 9pm. Get your tickets here!

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