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Skeletal December Update

I’m gonna do a hand-written schedule and put it on the internet like a whimsical person, but for now, here’s a quick bump:

The Twisted Cork in Lexington, KY
w/ Matt Chadourne and Kyle Fields. 8:30pm, Donations (please)
FB event

The Knox Comedy Roast of Ebenezer Scrooge
at the Pilot Light
I’ll be playing Bob Cratchit. Be there. 9pm. $8 adv/$10 door
FB eventGet your tickets here

MONDAY 12/15
QED Presents: Photo Bomb
8pm at the Pilot Light
Hoooo boy, you want to see some awkward pictures of me?

Tuesday 12/16
Beer and Comedy at Sleepy Owl Brewery, Kingsport, TN
8:30pm w/ Hunter Roberts and Cliff Andrews

Monday 12/22
A QED Comedy Family Christmas!
This is going to be fucking chaotic in the best way. We will be ripping off Chicago’s Late Late Breakfast wholesale; every comic picks a different challenge to undergo while they do their standup (eat a hot pepper beforehand, have to take the whole audience outside, perform it over skype, etc.). 8pm and $DonationsbegenerouscauseitsXmas

Saturday 12/27
The Blind Mule Tavern in Mobile, AL
9pm, $5, with Ryan Jetten

Monday 12/29
Balcony Bar in Auburn, AL
with Scott Howard

Merry Christmas Season, Happy Hannukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Festivus.
If you show up with a gift, I’ll be highly flattered.

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