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COLUMBUS – One Night Only! (Friday 9/12)

As many of you know, I loves me some Columbus, Ohio. Why, I can’t even go 3 months without bothering all the nice people up there with my presence and relieving them with my jokes. If you’re around there, and itching to see me tell some of those jokes, you’ve got a chance later this week! 

I will be performing in Morgan Nicole’s good-time Wine comedy show at Camelot Cellars. 958 N. High Street at 8pm! I’m incredibly excited to share a stage again with my pop-punkomedy brother-in-arms Dustin Meadows, as well as your headliner, Laura Sanders. It’s been a little while since I’ve seen Laura perform, and she’s truly one of the funniest comics I know, so if you’re in Columbus on Friday, DON’T MISS OUT. I mean, just look how excited she is in that photo of her there.

Here is the Facebook event; say you’re gonna go so we can pump ourselves up. 

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