Knox Comedy

“Hey, Tyler, I’d like to see you perform sometime,” you say noncommittally. Well, look what I’ve got in store for you, acquaintance!

Well, that summer was awesome, and no fooling. I can’t think of a more comedically-productive 3-month stretch of my life, particularly with that tour, the Kinane show(s), and other such spectacularity. With all that in the rear view at this point, here are a few things coming up in the near-to-distant future! YEAH!

Come to the Pilot Light for the QED Comedy Lab shows. They’re all going to rule, every one of them. They start at 8pm (really) and are pay-what-you-want. This Monday night, we’ve got the Slide Show! Comics are presented some pictures to make up a story around. There’s no way this won’t rule.

Saturday, September 13th
KNOX COMEDY Roast of Axl Rose
9pm – Ohhhhh man… the last few roasts have all sold the hell out. Hulk Hogan (which I sat out of since I know dick about wrestling compared to my Knox-Com-patriots), Super Mario, Harry Potter…. this one is going to be special. The always-entertaining Jeff Blank will be kilting himself up (maybe) as everyone’s favorite ginger rocker-turned-punchline-who-can-still-actually hit the high notes.

Friday, September 19th
I will be hosting this fine event for all you fine people. Derek Sheen is from Seattle and goddamn hilarious, so don’t miss out on this extravaganza.

Wednesday, September 24th

Oh I’ll inundate you all with information about this soon enough. It’s at the Pilot Light. Mark your calendars and gird your loins.

Friday, September 26th – Sunday, September 28th
I’m very excited to head down to the Sunshine State (again!) with my buddy Trae Crowder to perform in a showcase with many of the Southeast (and beyond)s’ finest comics. Headliner is Kyle Kinane. Enough said.

Want more details? Don’t be afraid to ask.



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