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NEW STUFF: RainShine Comedy Bandcamp Site (Cassette Pre-Orders), Standup Zine Out

Happy Monday, and Happy December, everyone! Today marks the two-year anniversary of the release of the Modern Life is Awesome LP (RainShine #001), and given how hard 2020 has 2020’d, I thought this would be the perfect excuse/occasion to get something(s) new out there. Let’s get right into it:


After 8+ months of living under various iterations of a lockdown, I’m finally excited to announce that RainShine Comedy Records is off the ground and on Bandcamp!

Our friend Jake Head, a Jacksonville -> ATL -> NYC comic who regularly stopped through Knoxville to do (and crush) our shows, self-released his debut album Mildcat on a handful of streaming platforms. I’m excited to announce that Jake will be doing a cassette release through us.

Our catalog so far includes:

  • RS-001 Modern Life is Awesome (Tyler Sonnichsen) – LP, Cassette, Digital
  • RS-002 The Golden Age of Shane Rhyne – Digital, Cassette (Pre-Orders Up Now)
  • RS-003 Mildcat (Jake Head) – Digital, Cassette (Pre-Orders Up Now)
  • Plus two RS-000 digital-only back-catalog releases (Tyler Sonnichsen & Sean Simoneau Live at Some House in Montgomery, and the Friendlytown Christmas 2017 Mixtape)

We also have other releases in the pipeline, but if any successful DIY label (or empire, in history) has taught us, exist within your means. Stay tuned.

And speaking of DIY stuff…


If launching a Bandcamp page for my fledgling record label isn’t enough, Razorcake has seen fit to release my column One Punk’s Guide to Standup Comedy as a standalone zine, available for $2. You can buy it from our Bandcamp Merch page, or you can buy it from Razorcake here. I’m very happy with how it came out – thanks to Todd Taylor for making it a reality in the midst of these uncertain times. Also, you get to have Kevin Tit’s handsome mug staring at you from the cover!

Thanks for visiting, and thanks (in advance) for your support. It feels good to have news of something positive. In the meantime, enjoy your Holiday season as best you can, and remember that this is all only temporary.

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