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How to Constructively Voice Your Opinion on Louis CK

With any luck, this post will be irrelevant soon, CK having been vanquished to the dustbin of history along with other vestiges of mass culture we realized we didn’t need anymore. But until then….

Here is a handy, step-by-step guide for how to write your hot take on Louis CK most constructively.

  1. Watch or listen to whatever headline-hogging thing Székely has done and every news conduit trips over themselves to foreground.
  2. Form an opinion about what he said/did.
  3. Realize nobody gives a fuck.
  4. Open a new browser window and search for any information about local comedy.
  5. If you see a locally produced event happening in your town soon, share it. Likely, Facebook and Twitters’ algorithms have drowned any mention of this event because an older, famous, and rich comic people are mad at has done literally anything.
  6. If you have time or resources, volunteer to help promote said independent local show. Offer to make a flyer, perhaps, or volunteer to put one up in your place of business.
  7. If you have the night available, contact some friends directly to invite them out to the show with you.
  8. If you have some money to spare, go out and grab some food and drinks at a locally owned establishment near the comedy venue.
  9. Attend the comedy show. Laugh at the stuff you find funny. Don’t laugh at the stuff you don’t.
  10. Eventually, go home, knowing you actually made a difference in someone’s life as well as that of your local scene because you did any of the steps between 3 and 9.

Hope you found this helpful!

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