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Modern Life is Awesome: Trenton, NJ Edition Tonight!


Trenton, New Jersey! All I know about you is that you have a pretty nifty war memorial building, some famous pizza place that grandfathered itself out of having bathrooms, and you stole the Red Sox’ AA franchise from New Britain when I was a kid. Do you know what it was like for us to have to go to New Haven Ravens games at the Yale Bowl in order to scratch that itch, Trenton? DO YOU?

It actually wasn’t all that bad. Also, I just found out they’re now the Yankees’ AA affiliate, so [Rik Mayall doing the two-fingers gesture/raspberry]. But either way, I’m excited to be in town tonight and figure out just what it is that Trenton made and the world took (that slogan doesn’t sound quite so snappy when put in the past tense).

Anyway, can’t wait to meet the cool people at Trenton Social and see what this city’s about, hopefully check out Trenton Coffee House and Records, too!

8pm show! More info at the Tour Page.

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