On the Road / Throwback

THROWBACK: Sonic-Simon 2016 Bookmarks

When preparing merch for the second Sonic-Simon Comedy Weekender Tour in March 2016, Sean Simoneau and I wound up turning the scraps of the paper we’d cut down for our risograph posters into bookmarks. Every one was different, and we wound up giving most of them away on the road for gas money or as a bonus for people who bought other stuff after shows. I wish I had a record of more of these, but anyway, here’s a photo I found of four of them. The funnier ones are probably Sean’s.


ANYWAY, Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

Also, Happy Birthday to Sean this Friday! He measures his life in beard-years now, so he’s… 274 I think.

Also, I’ll post my December Tour Dates on Monday… spoiler: it’s gonna be GOOOOOD.


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