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The Disimpsonment Plan

Two things I thoroughly enjoy are the music of the Dismemberment Plan and the mid-90s Golden Age of The Simpsons. Thanks to Frinkiac and my penchant for procrastination, I’ve combined the two. I hope the incredibly niche audience who dwells within this venn diagram overlap sees this and makes it go viral. I know that won’t happen, but this is my website and I can write whatever I want to on it.

Anyway, if you’re in Knoxville on November 1st, come to Last Days of Autumn Brewing at 7 for THE RETURN OF SIMPSONS TRIVIA with me, your host/sadist.


*I recognize that one of these frames came from a Season 13 episode that aired in 2002. “Tales from the Public Domain” remains one of a handful of 21st-century Simpsons episodes I’ve made it all the way through, so it earns inclusion here. I hope this clears up any confusion.

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